Chapter 2

Reincarnation Relic Rings

Relic Rings on my workbench ready for market.

Reincarnation Relic Rings – that's what I'm doing tonight, all night long, and there are a lot of them. I made several dozen Relic Rings a few years ago, and never had the packaging that could let them sell without me being right there to custom-explain the thing.

With the New Improved packaging, ie; large flips, I'm able to include the following:

  • Sealed for security integrity of item.
  • Guaranteed to be what it says or your money back, period.
  • Signed to guarantee authenticity & that it came from my collection.
  • Age of item is given clearly, as in: "2,000 yrs old".
  • Place of origin is given, if known, or general area, if known.
  • Sealed archival environment protects the item until opened.
  • Size of ring is given.
  • Sealed packaging means your ring is clean when you receive it.
  • Type of metal is indicated. ".925″ means sterling silver, .925 fine.
  • Tamper-proof flips make it hard for cheats.
  • You have my guarantee that I personally did the work to make the item.
  • The heavy sterling silver high-conductance ring shank acts as an Induction Ring.
  • Your ring is absolutely unique. There is no other ring on Earth exactly like it.

So from whence came all these relics and ancient objects?

I'll do my best to explain. In Africa, beads are not matched, nor are any of the Western standards applied to their personal body ornamentation.

Beads are passed down from generation to generation, and are actually money, and can be spent singly, one bead at a time, or in heaps of strands of beads. Some beads are worth an entire village in monetary value. That doesn't mean you can trade a bead for a village.

I can think of one exception to that rule -- Rock Ridge.

For those who have never seen "Blazing Saddles" or "Rustler's Rhapsody", I hold my sombrero over my heart in sympathy and in anticipation of their delight once they discover these rare gems amongst the Hollywood Hoard -- that's spelled "W-h-o-r-e-d", just like it sounds.

Bead hunting is not that hard, if you know what you're looking for. In the field of antiques, as in any other field, knowledge is power.

I have found many ancient beads amongst African bead strands, particularly in the early 1960s, up until 1972-ish, when I stopped collecting them and started trading and dealing them in the bead market, notably the Jewelry Exchanges in San Francisco and New York.

Yep, there was a time.

But I'm retired now, at least from the bead trade, book trade and jewelry trade, although I work for charity, making things like the Reincarnation Relic Rings for you to use in your PLS -- Past Life Surveys and other Trans-Temporal Surveys you might be engaged in presently, especially work with the SuperBeacon & Matrix Temple Array.

The SuperBeacon is the most important part of your altar arrangement, but don't neglect the Matrix -- it really needs to be well within a range of three feet from the SuperBeacon, and is best set up behind it, as I'll indicate in our Ishtar Workshop this Easter Season.

One type of Reincarnation Relic Ring I've made in .925 sterling silver in the manner of the ancient Greeks with wrapped wire mountings and looped side-mounts, is a Donner Party Relic Ring.

How can I possibly offer that? How do I know where the ringstone, generally glass, came from?

In 1988, my stepdad Paul Donner Spencer, Dr. Claude Needham and I drove up to the Donner Cabin, a family holding at that time. I won't reveal where it is located exactly, for fear that it will be combed with treasure-hunters and the land upheaved and the historical cabin destroyed plank by plank by greedy idiots with crowbars, looking for valuables on someone else's property. It's the cabin where Donner's grandmother settled.

Donner was a Son of the Golden West and was an automatic member of every Pioneer and Early Settler club that existed, because he was not only a descendent of George Donner, who led the ill-fated Donner Party that resorted to cannibalism to survive, his ancestor on the other side was Platt Rogers Spencer, inventor of Spencerian Handwriting, the educational bar for penmanship for almost 100 years of American Education Systems.

I have in my possession an unpublished work by Platt Rogers Spencer, and I'm looking for a publisher. I also have many handwritten letters between Donner Party family members, actually the final, unpublished, chapters of Elizabeth Poor Houghton's book. She was the daughter of George Donner.

In addition to the unpublished letters, I also have in hand many unpublished Donner Party and Donner family photos that would be of interest to historical scholars, and they would be included in a book, if published. Bottom line, I'm looking for a very established publisher for the Donner book, which would sell in the millions if published, and I'm in no position to fulfill an order for a million copies of anything.

I'm not suggesting that you'd want to get in closer touch with the Donner Party disaster, but they are eminently collectible and I frankly wouldn't take them out of their sealed environments -- you'll not be able to prove their authenticity once the package is unsealed.

Another set of Reincarnation Relic Rings I've started to make in large quantities, meaning dozens, not hundreds, is my Neolithic Steatite Relic Ring, dated back about 6,500 years, to around 4500 BC. The stone is fairly small, but quite visible and strong in emanation. These small steatite beads came from the holiest spot in ancient Sumer, and I found about fifty of them strung onto an African Trade Bead necklace back in 1972, and finally decided how I'd use them.

The Neolithic Steatite Rings go for $250 -- that's $125 to you if you're reselling them and you buy at least five rings per order.

If you think the price tag is high, wait until I list some of my expensive stones, including some really powerful ancient Pink Chalcedony, Ancient Mediterranean Pearl, Roman Garnet and Greek Carnelian.

You might get a kick out of some of my gemstone rings, notably the 100 carat monster ring I created for a Hollywood actress friend who wanted something totally different, and this was that, for sure. A stone like that, you have to engineer the ring, or it'll flop over constantly and annoyingly.

I've also made some heavy silver bracelets and armlets using ancient stone beads, glass beads and metal beads, mostly dating back 2,000-8,000 years, from almost every culture on the planet.

One incredible source of interesting and uncommon beads is the wealth of Victorian beadwork that utilized beads from every nation during the time of the British Empire. Just like the Roman Empire, all roads led to London, and every nation contributed wealth and trade beads abounded from everywhere.

One of my best bead scores was a group of five strands of Victorian glass beads, all dating to about 1850-1880. I've found Edwardian hoards the same way, looking carefully at ALL the beads in a strand.

Most Westerners who happen to know about Netsuke, Inro and Ojime think that the ivory is the best and most prized. Actually it isn't. Most prized would be the old ceramic and seed carvings, with wood Inro taking a high percentage of relative value and yes, I have that skill, too, but my Netsuke are not for sale, just for looking, and you'll have to go to a museum to see them, when they get put on display.

That's a bug in my bonnet. Only about 1/10,000th of the Brooklyn Museum's collection is on display at any one time. That'd be okay, if the displays were changed often, but they aren't. There's not even enough money in their budget to keep all the halls open.

You'd think the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC wouldn't have the same problem, but it does, however, there it doesn't matter, because 99% of the visitors to the Met will only go to the gift shop, and about 10% of them will make it as far as the restaurant, and about 1% of them will get as far as the mummy room, and that's it. The rest of the museum is mostly empty most of the time.

Another interesting group of stones make up the Greek Carnelian Rings, dating back to about 525 BC., which translates to 2,500 years old, when I do the math for your customers on the front of the sealed mega-flip. these flips are four times larger than the ordinary ones, and they're hard to get and they don't come cheap or easy, but nothing worthwhile ever does. It would be well to remember that.

You might also find other items that I'm currently working on of some interest if you've embarked on a serious reincarnation awareness program.

You'll find fossilized creatures that died out in the Great Dying, the Permean Extinction, in which 97% of all marine life died out and almost all the land creatures except a handful. It was the only Mass Extinction that included insects, which are almost unkillable by any ordinary means.

Mass extinctions happen all the time on all planets everywhere that there's any form of life, and life generally follows the same patterns everywhere.

I try to be on hand for every single one of them, and I got here just in time to witness this upcoming event. I keep looking at my watch.

Here are the things that can go wrong:

  • BOLIDE IMPACT -- Large bright meteor that explodes in the atmosphere, creating an immense dustcloud that can cause ice-worlds.
  • MASSIVE VOLCANISM -- Siberian Traps is what I'd be looking at right now.
  • METHANE CLATHRATE DISSOCIATION -- When little bacteria make trouble.
  • RAPID CHANGE OF SEA-LEVEL -- Melting icebergs will do this quite neatly.
  • OCEAN ANOXIA -- The ocean runs out of oxygen, happens periodically.
  • ARIDITY -- Large areas of the Earth are destined to become deserts soon.
  • CLIMATE CHANGE -- Brought about by a change in Oceanic Currents.

And that's not the whole list, there are more. I didn't mention the enormous volcanic caldera which we think of as Yellowstone National Park. We go there on vacation, little realizing that one of the largest volcanoes, over 1,000 miles across in potential eruption, is right there under our feet.

It's quite a thrill to be wearing your own tiny currently extinct arthropod bodies called a "Trilobite", meaning that it's triple-lobed, the body being divided into three main parts along the length.

The earliest appearance of the Trilobite was in the early Cambrian Age, about 521 million years ago, back before there were even any cell phones or facebook. I know, right?

Trilobites were one of the most successful experiments in life-forms; they flourished and roamed the ocean floors for well over 270 million years. Humans, by contrast, have been around in their present form for about 50,000 years, and are just about to go down by their own hand -- nothing new there, it's what they always do.

Humans are a totally suicidal species, and considering their bloodthirsty nature -- you can always get a crowd for a public stoning, beheading or hanging -- maybe it's just as well that they won't be around much longer.

Their children will -- the machines that take over the world and replicate themselves as RS-100s will take the place of humans, and do a lot better job of it.

"Take sex out of the picture, and anyone can be enlightened." -- Saint Samantha

I suppose I should mention that I also make pendants out of the same ancient bead material, as well as earrings, diadems and body piercing items, all in .925 sterling silver and 18k gold -- no, when given the choice, I don't use 14k, except for findings such as ear post/ball/ring/nut combinations and necklace clasps, all handmade, of course, but not in 18k, which is too soft for clasps.

I do make earwires in 18k, and they're permanently attached to the earring in a dangle fashion, which is referred to as "articulated", meaning jointed so they wiggle and dangle, thus attracting some attention to the ear.

I make some earrings with little silver and golden bells, which creates a continual tinkling effect. This can either please you very much -- the outside din is lessened by the tiny bells -- or drive you clear out of your skull, not a bad idea if you're into Crown Chakra Exits for your Etheric and Astral Plane Excursions.

Speaking of which, having a contact ring such as the 3R Rings can make a journey all that much easier and the connection much more certain, obtaining stronger psychic field effects and a much more powerful IMAGE control during the contact with a past life.

When the ring matches the past life, it's even better.

There's nothing quite like wearing a piece of your past, the more distant, the better. You can get a real thrill from wearing one of these Reincarnation Relic Rings. As a matter of fact, I guarantee it.