Chapter 3

Healing Rings of Power

Gemstones of all kinds are associated with Power Healing, and Rings of Power have been made ever since the Dawn of Time. I make my Healing Rings of Power by mounting a gem-grade drilled stone in a mounting that I have made for well over 7,000 years in this time-space discontinuum. In short, it's my favorite model of finger-ring, and I make them in absolutely ALL sizes from Size 1 to Size 16, and I've made a few even smaller than 1.0 but they're not measurable by any ring-sizer known.

You wear the Power Ring on whichever finger it wants to be on, is my experience with them. Rings of Power have a mind of their own, and it's wise not to tamper with their decisions and instinctive repair modes. You wear the ring and it has a passive effect that assists nature's healing process. It does nothing directly toward the healing, just enhances whatever is already in place.

ANGELIC CONTACT is actually contact with Healing Entities in the neighborhood or tuned in from Largely Elsewhere, and some of those entities might be classified as Angels by humans, who have no means of differentiating one Outside Entity from another -- entirely unsurprising considering the intensity of anti-instinctive and anti-spiritual training one endures in the modern cultures. Enlightenment is reserved for individuals, not institutions, and certainly not human institutions or political-economic institutions.

Actually, there is no such thing as a beneficent institution, just an intention that always gets set aside in the interest of pragmatistic -- meaning practical and dealing with actual facts, not theoretical circumstances -- and day-to-day operating practices. Costs are a factor in any endeavor, whether the costs are monetary, energetic, spiritual or efficiency.

Rings of Power can be simply worn and in this way used as a Passive Force for Good. Healers can use one or more of these Rings of Power to stack healing effects. The occult power of gemstones is so well-known that I hesitate to list them, but maybe some folks don't know that gemstones have been used for tens of thousands of years by healers in this solar system, and that they have varying magical powers.

They also have relative levels of power -- sometimes bigger is better, meaning more powerful, but sometimes gem grade makes a terrific difference in the amount of whallop that a healing ring can deliver.

Some Healing Power Rings that benefit from a higher gemological gradation of perfection are Peridot, Green Onyx, Coral, Australian Opal and Chrysoprase, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Chalcedony and Moonstone -- there are of course others.

Exotic Gemstone Healing Rings of Power come in .925 Sterling Silver and solid 18k gold, and they are bench-mark signed on the shank with my miniature signature, and they come in a sealed signed enclosure to guarantee freshness and authenticity. Rings are custom-made for you to your specifications. Stones vary in size from 4.5mm to 6.5mm depending on the type of stone. Glass is included in stone -- it's merely melted silicates, meaning stone.

  • GIBEON METEORITE HEALING RING OF POWER– a horrifically expensive but very important and powerful healing meteoric gemstone is used to make the Gibeon Ring. $675 in Sterling Silver.
  • MOLDAVITE HEALING RING OF POWER – $375 in Sterling Silver. Moldavite is an olivene glass which was produced on impact of a meteorite over Nordlinger Ries on the Danube in Western Bavaria, Germany, a large crater which was blasted out of the Earth about 14.2 million years ago along with the Steinheim Crater, formed at the same time by a binary asteroid, causing a relatively minor mass extinction event. Moldavite is the most prized of all healing stones and by far the hardest to find in mountable stones, and was commonly made into beads and ringstones by ancient Romans and Celts along the Danube River.
  • DINOSAUR BONE HEALING RING OF POWER – $275 in Sterling Silver. Dinosaur bones not only from the Jurassic, but meat-eaters were the sources of these bone gemstones. Ancient shaman during the Old Stone Age, New Stone Age and Iron Age used these as magical devices. Dinosaur bones were long thought to be the remains of dragons and human giants, both of which have bones of their own, neither of which are for sale at this time.
  • CORAL HEALING RING OF POWER – $275 in Sterling Silver. Coral has always been associated with healing and good fortune, and coral bead necklaces are commonly given as a birth-gift in European homes. The Coral that I use is very rare and expensive, a high-grade gem quality stone obtained from the finest lapidary source on the planet.
  • ANCIENT ROMAN GLASS – $275 in Sterling Silver. Roman glass is rare enough, but this glass is from the earliest part of the Roman Empire, just following the formation of the Empire under Julius Caesar.
  • ANCIENT MOLDAVITE -- $275 in Sterling Silver. Moldavite was formed 14 million years ago, plenty of time for some of it to fall into the hands of the merchants along the Silk Trade Route. The green glass was prized in ancient times, and some can be found as far away from the impact site in Bavaria as Crete, Sicily and Northern Africa, notably Egypt and Ethiopia.

I know the prices seem high, but actually, they aren't. I'd really like to be able to make these healing rings available more cheaply, but I can't afford to -- the stuff is horrifically expensive, when you can get it at all. Most of the stuff out there that's cheap is also fake.