Chapter 30

Build TWO Modernist Copper Pendants for only $1.25 Each!!!

Pinky & Lucky Duck are avid collectors of Modernist jewelry, and make their own.

Here is a simple design for TWO Modernist Copper Pendants. Modernism began back in the early 1930s, springing from the avant-garde schools that followed the post-impressionists and the postwar schools of art both in American and Europe in the 1940s and into the 1950s.

That's it, simple as that. There are advanced and very advanced designs, some of them very articulated and some with unusual twists, but the basic plan is, bend & hammer & polish & finish & learn. Your finished pendants can sell for up to $35 retail, or more if you have a reputation as a jeweler. Don't let the fact that they are made in copper fool you into thinking these are mere costume jewelry. Look on eBay and other sites to see the prices of copper jewelry by Ed Weiner and Art Smith, and be amazed. Metal has less to do with the price of a piece of fine-art, hand-artisaned jewelry, as any professional will tell you -- it's not the metal, it's the artist that makes the price.


Basic Modernist Pendant Kit -- $4.95 retail

Basic Modernist Pendant Kit -- $2.50 wholesale, 5 kits minimum order.

Basic Modernist Earring Instruction Board -- $39.95. Printed in color and mounted on a large foamcore board, this is designed to sit on tabletop or on a display easel in front of the class or behind the seller at a fair setup. The board does it all for you. Basic Lesson #1 in Diablo 2, right??? Let the Merc do the work!!!