Chapter 31

Healing Assist & Occult Powers Gemstone Jewelry Kits


Metaphysical and Healing Properties of gemstones has long been known and appreciated, dating back at least 50,000 years of human history. The healing power of gemstones was known and understood by the ancient technologically advanced and stone-age cultures, and through millenia of observation, gemstones have been associated with very specific healing ASSIST attributes.

What is a Healing Assist?

A Healing Assist works alongside and in conjunction with the usual healing and medical interventions without interfering in the course of ordinary medical efforts. Healing Assists in the form of GEMSTONE and PRECIOUS METAL jewelry is a practice that has stood the test of time over many many centuries, dating back to paleolithic times.

ALWAYS MAKE YOUR OWN MAGICAL IMPLEMENTS. Never buy ready-made wands or factory stamped-out amulets. Handcrafting puts the magic in.

My LARGE-DRILL GEMSTONE jewelry kits are all intended as meditation exercises as well as being the source of a finely crafted finished product made by a fully empowered YOU. How they are used meditationally is that you are involved with the creation of the item, and are therefore quantum-connected in a big way with the end-product, woven into its fabric, so to speak, are your prayers and heart song.

You may be familiar with the magic of weaving and beadwork -- the spells and incantations are built into the product by chanting while working on the item. This spills over into various personal magical practices, such as healing, prediction and alteration of local weather.

I never try to alter the weather. It's easier to alter the forecasts in hindsight.

Why on Earth would anyone want to ward off an oncoming storm, or change the course or touchdown point of a twister, or bring rain to a parched & thirsty drought-ridden land? Only a city-dweller could ask such a thing!!!

I once lived on a world that was so windy, the chickens got turned around the wrong way and laid the same eggs five times.

On one world, my neighbor was so rich, he had his cows engraved.

When I farmed the soil of Planet X, I was so poor and my cattle so thin, I could stand them side-by-side and insert carbon paper in-between, so I could brand them all at once.


The whole point of a Healing Assist is in the Operant Word, "Assist". The Psychic Healing Agent, whether mortal or not, does nothing to interfere with the normal medical proceedings, merely giving a boost to the already existing healing efforts. This is an important distinction between Healing Agents and Healing Assists.

Some gemstones are terrifically effective at bringing down Angelic Healing Assistance. This is also considered to be an addition to the existing healing efforts, and can only help, when Angelic Intervention can be brought about -- it's not as easy as lighting a candle and having faith, although that works for a few lucky folks, but not because of anything you'd normally consider to be part of the equation. Wild, Unpredictable Luck enters into it a lot more than is comfortable for the average statistician.

So let's explore the world of Gemstone Healing Assists -- GHA, pronounced just like it looks, "gah", far better sounding than Gemstone Medical Assists, which comes out "GMA", which is currently a bad word, running to downright obscene, or Gemstone Medical Operations, which comes out "GMO" and would be very risky in my opinion, although correct from the viewpoint of current American usage and standard Oxford definitions of spells and incantations, which means concentration of attention and prayer from the heart.

Oh, speaking of Prayer from the Heart, that's the only effective magical device known. Powerful Directed Prayer can be called "invocation" or "ceremonial magic". Don't let the ignorant and uninformed scare you out of the usage of the word "magic". It merely means that the science isn't in, yet. Prayer from the Heart can be powerfully assisted by the use of the right gemstone for the effect wanted.

I probably shouldn't mention this, but gemstones are used in some offworld cultures as drives and controllers for their UFO vehicles and Transfer Craft, which are something the government knows about but has to my knowledge never been mentioned in any of the many newsleaks over the past few years.

Transfer Craft are ID -- InterDimensional -- hibernation lockers with no operating controls. They are operated from the Home Dimension and cannot return, nor would return be possible. You can't go backwards, only out and back in at another point in "time", which is actually space. There is no time.

Speaking of no time, it's definitely time to take a look at Healing Assists and Power Assists from Gemstone Jewelry, so let's get right back on-subject, shall we???

HEALING GEMSTONE KITS are available WHOLESALE when you order 5 or more of any kit. All the kits contain EVERYTHING you need in parts to create the product, but you supply the tools and attention to detail. Necklace Kits tend to have a lot of parts and are therefore a bit more expensive than the other kits. Here are the wholesale price breakdowns:

Earring Kits -- Copper $9.95 -- Silver -- $17.50

Necklace Kits -- Copper $19.95 -- Silver -- $27.50

Ring Kits -- Copper $9.95 -- Silver -- $17.50

Pendant Kits -- Copper $4.95 -- Silver -- $9.95


AVENTURINE -- Financial Good Luck, Creativity, Intelligence and Deep Perception of detail and fact, combined with a sense of mental and emotional balance and well-being. Considered the Queen of Business Luck, with the singular exception of the rare and hard-to-find natural green "Money Jade".

AMETHYST -- Deep Depression, make dreams more vivid and easier to recall, promotes calm, energizes serene thoughts and promotes a higher spiritual level. The original ancient Greek use for amethyst was to hide drunkenness -- to be inebriated on the streets of Athens was a crime punishable by removal of personal finances and loss of voting rights, hence the stone A (not) Methystos (drunk) was used commonly by ancient tipplers who were in government positions or received a stipend from the state.

AMAZONITE -- To clarify and empower the mental processes, increasing thought-power and concentration of attention. Also used to clarify the internals -- thoughts, emotions and sensations. Clearness is the primary attribute of Amazonite when cut as a gemstone bead, particularly effective as a rondel, slightly off-round.

AMBER -- Voted throughout history as the most powerful of PROTECTION gemstones, a terrific weapon against Magickal Attack. Magical attacks are the playthings of partially spiritualized but not awakened children of the soul, those not yet mature and secure in the reality of magic; they therefore tend to "test" their powers, to see if they have any effect, which generally comes out as a series of magickal attacks and counterattacks, all of which have no effect whatever, although coincidences do happen. The boringly predictable result is a circle of occult "friends" attacking each other verbally and through magical occult -- unseen -- means.

Magic used as a weapon can be surprisingly strong; it's called the Dark Side, but never fear Dark Magicians. They have what looks to them like power, which gives them the illusion of real power. With the proper protection, they cannot hurt you no matter how hard they try.

The best defense against Black Magicians is to wear your protections and ignore them -- resist the urge to counterattack.

However, if they break the law by harassing you or trying to scare you on the internet or in emails, that's when you use the most powerful magic on the planet -- you contact law enforcement, hire a lawyer to sue the hell out of the cyber-bully, and let them do the work.

Meantime, wear an Amber Ring, Black Tourmaline Earrings and your favorite CQR Amulet, and you're totally safe from Magickal Attacks of any kind -- anything that happens when you're protected is just the luck of the draw, just Murphy's Law (If Anything CAN Go Wrong, It Will Go Rong) rearing its ugly head once again. Just because the magickal attack failed doesn't mean things can't go wrong. It's life, get used to disappointment.

AZURITE -- Arthritis & Joint Pain, this is a great gemstone to assist meditation and healing -- many healers prefer to wear this incredible gemstone, and it has long been known to be a powerful aid to psychic sensitives.

BLACK ONYX -- Excellent Protective gemstone, great for release of old relationships (Quantum Entanglement Disconnect) and for NEGABOUNCE, bouncing back or reflecting negativity. If you have to endure a LOT of negativity, you might want to build all three kits and wear them frequently.

BLUE LACE -- Perceptual Penetration -- to See Far -- Claire Voyance.

BLUE CHALCEDONY -- The most valued gemstone in Greek Antiquity, blue chalcedony was used strictly by royalty to insure the prosperity of their reign. Used today to express the inner self, the Essential Self, the Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus.

BONE -- In Paleolithic times and well into the Bronze Age, which is nothing more than the Age of Bronze, where they started mixing various metals to make bronze instead of mere iron, bone was used as an easy to drill stone, keeping in mind that beads were used as money which you could string onto a cord or wire as a form of self-carried wealth. Bone has many properties, not the least of which is a connection with your TOTEM, your animal spirit twin.

CARNELIAN -- The SUPREME gemstone of HEALING, long-known to restore the natural energy flows of the body, toning and re-balancing the Chakras and Medians. Carnelian can be rich and clear or rough and cloudy. The best for healing will have some internal micro-flaws which create Quantum Effects within the stone, a condition very much to be sought after in any Quantum Effect Gemstone.

CORAL -- For many thousands of years, Coral has been associated with childbirth and children. Coral necklaces are given to newborns all across Europe and the East. The most noticeable effect of Coral is that it tends to CLEAR THE AREA of negative thoughts of others.

CRYSTAL -- Clarity. Total Clarity is the Goal, and Crystal is just the ticket if you're a psychic sensitive and want good "reads" without spoofing or other forms of spirit interference.

EPIDOTE/UNITITE -- ULTIMATE GROUNDING STONE -- Balance, Emotional Stability, Grounding in Crisis, NegEmotion Transformation into PosiMotions.

GARNET -- Most powerful CONFIDENCE & SECURITY gemstone known, Garnet is used primarily to promote Natural Energy Balance, Harmonizing the Aura, Easing the psychic tensions, and reducing the effects of incoming negativity. Garnet is known as a highly protective gemstone, and many people wear it for that reason.

GOLDSTONE -- Associated with STOMACH and DIGESTIVE TRACT issues, Goldstone is also used to reduce psychic tensions and assist in gaining a higher spiritual plane, often called "uplifting".

GOLDEN TOPAZ -- Often used to ease pain of various kinds -- emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain -- Golden Topaz is also used to promote individuality, creativity and self-confidence, the perfect anti-NPD remedy short of divorce.

GREEN ONYX -- Anti-negativity protective gemstone that has the additional advantage of releasing old relationships.

HAWLITE -- Also known as "Howlite". Reduction of stress & anxiety in a long, slow easy quiet soothing sort of way, calming to gentleness & patience.

HEMATITE -- A great GROUNDING stone, Hematite has meteorite and magnetic properties that make it interesting to the healer and to Healing Agents such as Healing Angels. Calming, soothing, possibly useful when reducing Blood Pressure is the goal.

IOLITE -- Properties of Inter-Dimensional Penetration, PIERCING THE VEIL, which is of course invaluable for any Past Life or Parallel Life Survey or toward any serious use of the SuperBeacon & Matrix.

IVORY -- Ivory from whales is illegal. The material called "Ivory" today is bone that has been treated to look like ivory. This Legal Ivory can be used in place of ivory, as a gemstone associated with Prosperity and Good Fortune, although ivory was never a luck-stone for the original wearers, pretty much the same as rabbits' feet were not good luck for the rabbits.

JADE YELLOW -- Restores Dreams. Unsurpassed in this regard.

JADE RED -- Humility, Generosity & Gratitude are the primary aspects of this incredible rare and hard-to-find gemstone.

JADE PURPLE -- Ruler, Leader, Exalted One, Transformed One, Royal, Transcendent Master.

JADE GREEN -- Long recognized as a Bringer of Prosperity, Green Jade has also been called "Money Jade", and is prized for its "Green Power", although green was not the color of money until quite recently, and green money will soon be obsolete. The green coloration is associated more with natural magic, dragon-power, if you will, than cash currency in the form of folding money.

JASPER RED -- To Ease the Troubled Mind.

JASPER POPPY -- The Perfect Shaman's Shape-Shifting Tool.

JASPER FANCY -- Digestive Problems and Stomach Issues, plus many Shamanic Uses.

JASPER LEOPARDSTONE -- Finding & Achieving Life-Goals.

LAPIS ORIENTAL -- Emotional Healing & Stability.

LAPIS AA NATURAL -- A High-Intensity stone that brings out Inner Truth, Peace & Harmony through the action of SPIRITUAL CLEANSING & KARMA PAYMENTS.

LABRADORITE -- Overcoming Addictions through WILL-POWER, Labradorite is associated with a thousand-fold increase in Will-Power over the body's habits and cravings, and might be a good Assisting Factor in overcoming them.

MALACHITE -- PROTECT FROM PSYCHIC ATTACK or Negative Thoughts from Others.

MEXICAN LACE -- Balancing Stone, Seeing Stone for Psychic Sensitives, makes Penetration of the Veil much easier. Use with AMBER incense sticks for best results in seances and readings.

MOTHER OF PEARL -- Used like pearl, this can give POWERFUL SPIRITUAL INSIGHT and was valued by ancients all over the world. The Mediterranean Pearl vanished millenia ago, but the Pacific Pearl and Cultured Pearls are still with us for a while longer.

MOON AGATE -- LONGEVITY, Gardening Green-Thumb, Animal Husbandry, Nurturing.

MOONSTONE -- Opens the Spirit to the Feminine Aspect of the Essential Self. Great for any psychic work, can draw love and open or deepen relationships. Associated with the Goddess, Moonstone is the gemstone of choice for any Pagan or Lunar Ritual.

MOSS AGATE -- ENERGY & Self-Confidence, Longevity and Self-Healing Processes, the Body Rebalancing Itself, all systems in good harmony.

PERIDOT -- INSOMNIA, Calming Emotional Storms, Hysteria, Panic. Peridot is also used as a spiritual assist in calming digestive disorders by reducing stress on the abdomen.

PYRITE RADIO CRYSTAL -- For that Ultimate Quantum Effect, nothing less than a Pyrite Radio Crystal will do.

RHODONITE -- Remain Calm in Arguments, Resolve Disagreements in a Loving Way, High Self-Affirmation and Self-Appreciation with Lowered Ego. Can be used for Self-Study, Self-Knowledge and Self-Mastery work applications.

RED QUARTZ -- ATTRACTING LOVE, partners, relationships, all matters relating to Eros.

RHODOCHROSITE -- Release Past Emotional Issues, Attract Love Partner, Help Vision, Rhodocrhosite is a DRAWING STONE, bringing things toward yourself. Can also be used to pay Karmic debts.

ROSE QUARTZ -- PEACE, Attract Love, Nurturing & Emotional Healing.

WHITE SNOWFLAKE QUARTZ -- Known in every culture as The Greatest of all Healing Gemstones, acts as a powerful amplifier for your Healing Energies and Higher Emotions, definitely aids in meditation and visualization, especially effective when running Orbs.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN -- PUBLIC SPEAKING, gives courage, combats stage-fright.

SODALITE -- Purifies the Aura, absolutely unbeatable for this application. Protects you from WELL-MEANING but negative thoughts and emotions coming at you from others.

TIGER EYE -- WILLPOWER & WON'T POWER. Confers Higher Will to strengthen your resolve and the EFFECT of your applied Will-Power.

TREE AGATE -- Wisdom, Freedom from Inner Negativity.

TURQUOISE -- Releases SHAME & GUILT, attracts friendships, loyalty and confers charisma upon the wearer. Ultimate HEALING STONE for Totem Healers and Shamanic Healers. Used by many body workers as a healing assist, with Black Tourmaline for Protection.

PEARLS -- The most valued of gemstones in the Ancient World, pearls were rare until they were cultured, and are now available for the first time in large-drill.