Chapter 35

Your Customer Designs This Tribal Copper Drop Earring Set for only $4.95!!!

Ken Paulson built our West Hollywood copper shop in 1974 where we sold jewelry.

Selling jewelry is easy. All you have to do is find a heavily trafficked location at which to conduct your business, and engage everyone in the creative process; get them involved.

That's all there is to it. You get a selection of many hundreds of beads from which to choose and to offer to your fair or trunk show or street customers, and they all fit on one kit! It's easy to choose and easy to make.

Beads vary in price and style from a few pennies per bead up to many thousands of dollars for rare tribal, ancient, medieval and Victorian. You get a standard assortment and then as you go, you find out which beads sell the best in your territory.

The secret is to get those core loops out there for people to select and load up with FREE beads (you get 8 FREE beads with every earring set), but do NOT get beads if you don't buy the earring set -- this must be clear from your signs. I provide signage for a slight extra charge to cover the cost of outside printing & mounting on foamcore.

Your customers can "Trade Up" for better beads, giving you more cash-flow, but your real profits will SOAR when you sell the standard beads from the FREE bead tray.

See my video on Tribal Drop Earrings if you get stuck or can't do them fast enough to handle the fair crowds. You'll need to make up paddles and circles in advance of any fair, because with a decent crowd, you won't have time to do anything except ring up sales!!!

Never forget that this is a spiritual exercise. Keep your wits about you at all times. Objective Art is a trigger for Consciousness, Waking State and Higher Attention.