Chapter 36

Copper Dorje Earrings from EJ Gold's Atelier Available Now!!!

Copper Dorje Earrings by EJ Gold.

You asked for it, you got it. Panniy Michele asked if we could produce them, and we can. This is the result, and if you're a reseller, it's only gonna set you back $35 a pair. If you know your beads, add the costs up, and you can see what a bargain you're getting at this wholesale price. My Copper Dorje Earrings are meant to retail for an easy $69.95.

Stay tuned for more. I'll be inserting prayer scrolls into earrings, making Talumudic Amulets and much, much more.

Back to work, I gotta fulfill another 85 orders tonight; jewelry kits and handmade earrings are flowing like water, exactly as intended ... (IN A TIGHT, THROATY HISSING VOICE) it is exactly as I have foreseen.

Rather than turn Luke to the Dark Side, I have another, much better, mission for you. How about getting out there with these earrings and building kits and get yourself in motion???

This is not about money. I have much easier ways to earn a livelihood, and in fact every penny goes back into development of new ideas and new Reincarnation Awareness Kits such as the Stone Age Series, the Ancient Empires Kits and the Medieval & Pioneer Kits.

Messing about with ancient beads and placing beads into ancient and off-world designs will definitely trigger you into visions, but they won't all crowd in at once, or overwhelm you with memories of thousands of lives all at once.

Memories flow through a Memory-Trap, which looks at them one at a time. Notice the memory flow you have every single day, all day long. Memories tend to be fugitive and flowing, and it's going to be a tough job to try to actually SEE what's passing through your memory bank and in some cases, disarming the effect of a past life on the present lifetime.

Regard how difficult it is to pin down memories FROM THIS LIFETIME. How much harder it will be to recover memories from long-past lives, but with training and some luck, you'll be able to do it, and getting in motion with the Stone-Age Jewelry Projects and becoming a reseller of these styles will also jog the memories.

Just HANDLING the projects will trigger lots of recall.

If you want more information about the kits and the earring sets, you can email me. The whole idea behind JAL -- Jewels of Ancient Lands -- is to get you exposed to ancient objects which, through long-established Quantum Entanglement, will definitely trigger flashes of ancient times.

Will it be like a movie? For most, no, just a flash, but that's enough to break the log-jam and get you free from the cloying clutches of the Present Lifetime. The more you tamper with ancient and antique artifacts, the more visions will come to you, and the more dream-walking in time-space you will inevitably perform.

In short, JAL TIME MACHINE PROJECTS are a great Reincarnation Awareness Trigger, and I intend to flood the market with them. Well, up to the limit of the number of artifacts I can get hold of that work like beads and can be strung or put onto an earring Core Wire and yes, I can still buy some antiquities from "safe" areas of the world. Many Roman antiquities ended up in the Far East, Malaysia, Thailand -- not incredibly, because beads were among the very first trade items, and often caravan organizers were paid in beads.

Gold was tricky. If you couldn't test it, you had no idea what karat value it had, and in many cases, gold coins were counterfeit. There was no standard for metal purity, no way to measure the percentage of gold in a coin, no way to determine if the gold coin had been made in lead and electroplated with gold and yes, the Romans had electroplating, and so did the earlier Babylonians, Akkadians and Sumerians.

Terra-Cotta Electric battery Jars from those periods are on display in several museums around the world, but only two of them realize what they've got in their collection. You can recognize them by the dark resinous pitch at the top of the neck, and remains of two copper electrodes stuck into the resin, if the jar has survived excavation and graduate student handling. There's only one reason for that particular configuration, and that'd be electrolysis, the process by which gold molecules can be deposited on a receptive metal surface, such as copper, bronze or silver.

Yep, it's true -- curators have no idea what's in their collection. Most curators are worth no more than the 3"x5" index cards and the database they control and access. If you showed them a piece outside the context of the museum in which they've buried themselves, they wouldn't recognize it, and yet, they're considered the experts in the field, along with the "experts" at Christie's and Sotheby's, any one of which can be shown to be full of holes, and I'm just the one to do it, too.

I'm only half kidding. Some of my friends are Sotheby's print and antiquity experts whom I've known and worked with, some for several decades since the 1970s, and they know I don't mean them.

Okay, I'm back to work on order fulfillment.