Chapter 40

Who is Mr. Peabody, and what is a Wayback Machine?

Photo of UFO over the Parthenon, by Lily Nova.

Most people don't walk around in a necklace made with genuine antiquities, and most folks don't know the difference between an antique and an antiquity, and furthermore, most folks don't know that they're even allowed to own a genuine ancient item.

First of all, an antique is over 100 years old. Vintage is less than 100 years old and more than 50 years old. An antiquity starts being an antiquity at 2,000 years of age. At a mere 1,000 years old, it's still an antique, but it's considered Downright Medieval.

As to whether or not you're allowed to own an ancient article of daily use such as a bead, just one look on eBay and you'll see millions of owners of antiquities advertising their wares, but Caveat Emptor, Let the Buyer Beware, because 90% of them are fakes, which is obvious the moment you receive them. The photos can lie.

My antiquities were obtained between 1964 and 1992, and every single one of them has been seen and verified by at least a dozen experts who have been through my collection which, up to now, has not been offered in the marketplace.

The only reason I'm releasing them is to make them available as Wayback Machines. Oh, did I forget to explain what a Wayback Machine is??? Okay, fair enough, I'll explain:

Back in the day, when Lin Larsen, Jim Carmichael and I were at Gamma Studios in Mexico City, we made a Saturday morning TV series called "Rocky & Bullwinkle", and one of the segments in the composite show was "Mr. Peabody & the Wayback Machine", where a dog owns a boy, and takes the boy to famous past events through the use of a Wayback Machine, a Time Machine, the exact workings of which are never satisfactorily explained.

The fact is that time travel is very possible, but useless in an endless stream of endless variants of time-tracks and event-wormholes. It's very correct to call it a "time stream". The time-stream flows downhill, toward total catastrophic entropy, but it's possible to haul yourself upstream, much as the flatboats did on the Ohio River back in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

It takes roping yourself to a come-along on the bank, but it can be done, even on a white-water river that you might have trouble kayaking down, let alone up.

One thing you can do from here is observe the past. I mean, Directly Observe the Past. That's the Past as YOU experienced it. Keep in mind that observation of a thing changes the thing observed, as per Heisenberg's formulation.

Observation of a thing changes the thing observed.

Hold onto that thought as we proceed with the explanation of the Wayback Machine as it pertains to you right now, right here, in this time-space configuration, and there are plenty of other time-space configurations to go around, not to worry.

Random appearances throughout an infinity of galaxies, each with between 100 billion and 700 billion stars, seems to be the vogue these days. It's hard to keep track of all those birthdays.

More people would realize their reincarnations if Hallmark Cards would only publish multiple lifetime birthday cards.

So what is a Wayback Machine?

A Wayback Machine is ANY DEVICE that can take you back to your target time-space, and that includes items of personal adornment, such as a necklace, rings, earrings, bracelet and pendants, and could also easily include items of daily wear, such as a Medieval gown or an Edwardian tuxedo with tails.

It all takes you there, takes you back, like kids trying on old clothing they found in the attic, remember? Like putting on a costume and playing make-believe. It's not that the make-believe becomes any realer -- it make visualization easier when you act out the event and dress the part.

As a child, you knew that, but you were trained to forget or ignore it.

Dressup works, and it works so well that grownups are afraid of it, yet they toy with it when they go to costume balls or parties or get into costume for Halloween, Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Rose Bowl, Mardi Gras, the Opera, going shopping downtown, and even a special costume featuring spilt beer and pretzel crumbs just for Spring Break and yes, those are costumes, too.

When you walk around town in a toga, you're announcing to the world two things:

  • You are the reincarnation of a famous Roman Emperor or Empress.
  • You are immersed in the reality of the past.
  • You are ready to be picked up by the guys in white and taken to The Home.
  • Never admit that you're a reincarnate, at least not outside the territorial boundaries of the Eastern Realms, and that currently includes California, Oregon and Colorado. Anywhere else, if you admit reincarnation is your game, you're on your own.

    You can parade around town in a Wayback Machine Necklace, in fact the whole shebang -- necklace, bracelet, rings and earrings, and nobody will stop you for being a weirdo. It's just more personal adornment, nothing to get hung about.

    You can be UNDER THE INFLUENCE of a Wayback Machine and nobody cares a fig.

    But don't try it without a Wayback Machine. Reincarnated folks who go around spouting off about their recent lives tend to be regarded by the local population -- defined as "those who ignore reincarnation in all its manifestations" -- as witches and warlocks, to be burned at the stake or worse. What's worse than burned at the stake???

    Okay, you're accused of being a witch, and you claim if witchcraft were a crime. So how to test you to see if you're telling the truth? Simple. Tie you to a plank and dip you face-down into a pond.

    If you float and survive the drowning, you're obviously a witch, and you're impervious to drowning, so you have to be burned at the stake, right? If you happen to survive that, you could look forward to a future that included a large pot of boiling hot water and a pitchfork.

    If you did manage to drown, you were declared innocent, and your family got to remain in their home. Had you been proven a witch by surviving the drowning, your property would have been confiscated and awarded to the person who accused you of being a witch.

    Sounds terribly treacherous, doesn't it? Eventually, the whole scene backfires, but evidently, nobody seems to see it coming. At some point, you run out of victims.

    While conditions on Earth remain somewhat stable, and the asteroid hasn't hit yet, you have the opportunity to not only revisit the past, but to REPAIR THE PAST by the process of DIRECT OBSERVATION.

    This requires the use of triggering devices and quantum-connected items to the past event or time-frame.

    One such triggering device can be an ITEM OF DAILY USE. This would roughly correspond to a watch carried by Houdini, or a ring worn by Houdini, or a strait-jacket used by Houdini, in order to contact the spirit of Houdini. I do indeed have a Houdini strait-jacket that was used by Houdini for about three months before it was retired from stage usage, and it can be used in this way.

    DIRECT OBSERVATION changes the thing observed. Ordinary observation does nothing, because it isn't directly linked to the observed thing. Linkage is everything. Linkage is obedience to the First Law of Quantum -- the model of the thing is the thing itself.

    When you wear a necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet or other item of personal adornment and that item contains ancient elements, you are now enabled to directly penetrate the Veil of Time between you and your target time-frame.

    All that's needed now is a trigger to start the visions moving, and that's where the School Tool comes in. You hook up your EMO-INDICATOR GRIPPERS to your SuperBeacon and let the Matrix handle the rest.

    Opening up to your PAST LIFE incoming images is sometimes easy, but sometimes you need a boost to get the images to come in more clearly and to last longer than a momentary flash or an elusive thought.

    One way to open up to the images is to place your Avatar in the Chen-Rig Temple in the Ashram. Another is to take a walk in the appropriate area in the Ashram, where that culture or civilization is represented.

    Now, sitting down with the PLS -- Past Life Survey -- of your choice, go ahead and penetrate to that time-frame, using the PLS format to achieve this result. If you don't understand the idea, watch my Morning Show tomorrow, when I'll be talking about these amazing Past Life Triggers called Wayback Machines.

    You will find that you are in rapport with the time-frame. All your observations performed in PLS MODE will cause DIRECT OBSERVATION. At this time, the past event will repair itself and integrate itself into your Present Reality. This disarms the event from interfering in or repeating itself within events in Present Time.

    Past events should not impact present events. If they do persist in deforming the present time situation, they can be disarmed and rendered harmless by Direct Observation -- it's as simple as that.


    Wearing a Wayback Machine is the key to DIRECT observation. Without this CONTACT TRIGGER, the effect would be greatly reduced. DIRECT OBSERVATION is NOT CASUAL and NOT TRIVIAL.

    There IS an effect from DIRECT OBSERVATION. The effect is ALWAYS REPAIR, always positive, always for the better, always with a good WORK RESULT, when the observation is DIRECT.

    Keep in mind that your personal preferences are not taken into account in your Work Career, at least no more than a bead can influence you to turn it the other way around on the wire, or put another bead in its place on a necklace or an earring, or use it elsewhere.

    Oh, sure, sometimes the beads talk to you, maybe all the time, but again, don't announce in public that this is happening, at least not in writing, or you really CAN be put away. However, just between us, beads can be even more communicative than a plush toy, although it's rare to come across a taciturn plush toy, like my friend Leo, who doesn't talk, but he THINKS real loud.

    So which Wayback Machine -- necklace, pendant, earring, ring or bracelet -- works the best for Direct Observation of Past Lives?

    I like the necklace for powerful contact, but would definitely add the bracelet when running Orbs or doing my SuperBeacon work, so I can glance down and see how tense or relaxed I am, and at what point on the Emotional Spectrum I might be at the moment.

    EMO-INDICATOR necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants can be used as guides when walking through Bardo situations, such as your daily life. I've posted a color chart to help you understand what you're projecting.

    Most of the time, you either have no idea what emotions you're feeling, or you haven't bothered to identify them.

    Sometimes you become aware of your emotions, but can't or don't correctly identify what emotions you're having. When you mis-identify an emotion, you take on the characteristics of that emotion, and quickly become immersed in it. There is no escape, because you're looking in the wrong place when you don't correctly identify the emotion.

    One glance at the EMO-INDICATOR on your wrist, finger, earlobe or chest will tell you what's actually happening in there.


    Mis-identified emotions get easily out of control and tend to dominate the machine until they wind down by themselves. Only when they run out of energy do they quiet down and settle into their usual ready-to-jump-at-the-slightest-provocation mode.


    Climb into a WAYBACK MACHINE NECKLACE or BRACELET and you'll be amazed.